rhythm of the dance


The path towards the life I desire often involves leaving certain things behind. Moving into a life more of my choosing meant for me that the importance/relevance of the weekly rhythm would naturally diminish.

This standard weekly rhythm is where many of us dance their life upon. With more work focus during the week and more leisure and personal focus during the weekend. It is a fixed and steady rhythm that cycles through the whole year. This way, having a job has a big influence on the base rhythm of your life.

The lack of a typical-money-making-job is a reason why I am sliding away from this typically weekly rhythm.

A life long I was used to living upon this weekly rhythm. From the moment I was without it, I had no way to direct/pace my life. I ended up living without a rhythm for a while and soon realised that it was not working out. Without a rhythm my life became unstructured, chaotic and inefficient.

So around what will I pace my life then? What will be the rhythm? As I want to have a life that is more simple, makes sense, more rich, more healthy it was obvious to come to the rhythm's that are already here. The rhythms that guide nature. The rhythm of the weather, the rhythm of the sun, the rhythm of the moon, the rhythm of the seasons. These are all observable rhythms and that is key. They do not require technology or man made structures/agreements to determine where you are within those rhythms.

I love to bring the combined complex of those rhythms back to the foreground of my life. To let them guide my life in a more serving way. A rhythm that already guides the natural environment and thus brings me in tune with that. A natural rhythm that varies over the course of a year. Instead of a more blunt man made monotonous rhythm of the week.

If compared to music, Instead of dancing life on one monotonous beat. To dance life in cycles of let's say Vivaldi's four seasons.