web of changes


Changing my way of living comes with introducing something new. For example letting go of material excess in my life. With this one change comes a whole new range of new life "style" changes as they are connected with it.

When I change one aspect of my life it seems like it is just one aspect of a whole web. This whole web of changes are related to each other. When you change one aspect of this web you kinda start tugging at others to. You could see it at pulling a string in a cloth where the area around the string moves as well.

All these changes, these new behaviours you cultivate, these decisions you make around your habitat, your housing, social, work, perception, diet, rituals, rhythms, etc... that is the whole web. You will see that all these changes, are like points in a big web and that it is this whole web you are trying to achieve. That is the initial effort. Once enough of these points of the whole web are part of your life, the achievement of the rest will become easier. Because they are supportive of each other. They kinda "work" together, they are kind of "the same family", they kinda hold each other in place. And that, in my point of view, is an indicator that it is profound change, change that the world is thirsty for, change that will move you into something new.