Some sort of open letter to the world. To bring forward our starting/initial idea and intent. In the hope it does strike a personal note with people who can aid us. Aid in the search and obtaining of land. Most likely to be in 3 languages nl/fr/en


Because telling our story and our intent could make it easier for us. As sympathy often opens doors and leads to opportunities in unexpected corners. Not that we see our selves as world changers, even though each individual on this earth is, we would like to try and make something new, something that people might get inspiration from. Because when you are able to pull your head out of modern living, you see that there is a cry for change. Change can come in many different flavours, we would like to start building on our creative blend.

The Project / intent / direction

I would not describe it as a "project" as they tend to have a predefined "goal". It feels more like an exploring in a certain direction. Doing so preventing this exploration being bound to initial goals, agreements and ideas.

Trying to:

So what do we want to do. Well the idea is to get a piece of land, big enough to try and reinvent the simple life. A life that works, a life that in many facets turns back the clock and takes a step back from modern life. Not so to turn our back towards it, but as with all things, just take from it what works, and leave what does not. It is a trying to create a free life as independent as possible by being independent as an individual. It is a trying into exposing ourselves again, instead of comforting us to illness. It is a trying to break a strong mould in our heads, or rather transforming it. Again, trying to leave behind what does not serve, and welcoming the new and serving.