a season without time


What it would be like to live without the man created concept of time. I would like to experience a season, as a starter, without any time references. To be unaware of the amounts of days that have passed and unable myself to calculate it. To be more attune to the rhythm of night and day.

That the observable rhythm of night and day are the only frame of reference, and to see how it all starts to blend to an endless stream of days. I would even like to see the separation of week days disappear. To embrace each day as it’s equal and to welcome it with the same potential as any other day. To get more towards the feeling that you are granted a day over and over again.

To let each day have the possibility to be a work day, a chill day, a rest day, a meditation day. To no more let a structural concept of time that lives in the mind, dictate and rule over our inner state and circumstance. To not let a schedule or the rhythmic week days dictate the daily activities. But more so your experience of your inner self and the world around you. To let go of this mind created concept. To be able to rest and take care of one self when starting to get sick, regardless the day. To decide on the day on what chores to do depending on the weather. Let's make the day and night a fundamental rithm of our lives. With the abundant light of summer and the dark of winter be the rhythm on the rhythm.