Me and my partner barefoot
Me and my partner barefoot

It's February and one expects cold winter days. But a few days ago it felt warmer than usual. For me it was a good opportunity to try and act more on what I experience and less on habits. Doing so it felt warm enough to take off my sandals and grant my feet some freedom.

Walking barefoot is a part of my movement towards a more simple life. Rather than walking in shoes, I like to cultivate comfortable feet, even when cold and wet. For my own two feet are very capable of carrying me. The very act of walking in shoes all the time is preventing my feet from developing to what they could be. It is a matter of giving them the opportunity, the exposure, to become more capable.

It took, and still takes, practice to find a good balance. A balance between the drive to cultivating something new and the limits of my being. For my mind can crave an idea and take the execution beyond healthy limits. In case of bare feet walking it was easy for my mind to get excited about it. While the mind claims focus it is easy to stop listening to whatever the body says. In my case I followed the mind's excitement and it pushed the voices of my body in the background. Doing so, taking it too far for my body and spend the evening with painful feet. Time and again it is for me an exercise to keep listening, lovingly, to my mind, to my body and all that is me. To keep listening, feelingly, to all what speaks to me, so nothing has to scream.