one step closer

Since a long time I went out again for a run. As in most activities, if not all, Spot joins me. Going for a walk or a run, is one thing he gets excited about each and every time.

Near the end of the run he often replenishes himself with water from a puddle. It is so inspiring to see that he can fill in his basics needs so easily. The path from his need to fulfilment is so short and effortless.

Even though Spot's and my environment are the same, I was not eager to drink from a puddle. The action that does lay within my reach is to refresh myself with the water from the puddle.

So inspired by Spot, I squat myself down next to the puddle whilst Spot is still eagerly drinking. My hand scoops clear and cool water and bring refreshment to my body.

That's it, that's all, nothing more to say really.

It's these little behaviours, these little actions, that I allow myself. One might think it is a silly little thing to do. In and of itself it does not carry much weight indeed. But adding and consciously integrating new behaviours do accumulate into a bigger complex. They are little steps of my own choosing that over time bring me closer to a way of life that I desire.