building home

Writing about how I would like to create my own habitat.
How I would start from almost nothing.
How I would enjoy the process of making my habitat. How the continuous process of shaping my habitat would be one of the most fulfilling and creative.
To insist on simplicity, on things that work and on beauty. To let go of how the world around me lives live.
To enjoy the act of creating my own habitat.
To create it at my own pace.
To see what works and what does not.
To let it grow steadily and slowly.
To allow for change in direction. To allow to shape and reshape.
To do what excites me.
To grow deeply connected with the habitat.
To see that there is a close coupling between the habitat and it's residents. That the change can be introduced towards the habitat, but also to one self. That both, resident & habitat can adapt. To find solutions outside and inside myself. To introduce myself to a simple life that works.