aligned environment


To recognise that an aligned environment, including the people around me, is crucial for moving towards my desired direction in life with greater ease and success.

I need a group of people who dance the same way I want to dance. By dancing, I mean the full spectrum of life and health choices, activities, values, behaviours, and more. When the group around me dances in a similar way, it becomes easier for me to achieve and maintain this direction.

Exerting the energy to keep goals and behaviours aligned in an environment that isn't "dancing" the way I do, can be draining, especially when I want to make and maintain multiple changes in myself.

I particularly notice the importance of reminders. This constant reflection by my environment of a desired value complex is a precious gift, as is the continuous demonstration of behaviours I wants to embrace. With an aligned environment, it feels like surfing on a wave instead of lagging behind it. When everyone dances in a similar fashion, all the moves within the collective dance amplify and strengthen each other.