independent edibles


Throughout history, humans have sought to harness the power of the natural world to enhance their own strength and vitality. One fascinating example of this is the ancient practice of consuming the heart of a lion, believed to imbue the eater with the animal’s courage and strength.

Collecting seeds from female nettles, as they are the largest, thickest, and most abundant on the plant
Collecting seeds from female nettles, as they are the largest, thickest, and most abundant on the plant

There is truth in the idea that good health stems from consuming healthy foods. Our well-being is influenced by the quality of the food we eat. An obvious example is fast food and its detrimental effects on the body.

Choosing organic over non-organic vegetables reflects a commitment to our health. Eating non-processed foods is another important choice. However, I believe that our health is also significantly influenced by the inherent qualities of the organisms we consume, rather than solely by how they are produced or treated.

A strong indicator of health is when an organism can sustain and propagate itself independently of human care. This aspect is often overlooked today—whether the plant or animal can thrive in its natural environment without human intervention. To me, this independence is a true sign of health.

When deciding what to eat, much like the tribesmen of the past, it makes sense to choose foods that have survived and thrived on their own through the ages. These organisms should not be compared to those cultivated by humans, which often cannot survive or reproduce without our constant care. Such plants are dependent on us and lack the resilience to thrive independently. Even their seeds may fail to sprout or survive without catered for conditions.

I urge you to complement your diet with organisms and plants that stand on their own. If I want to be imbued with the qualities of the food I eat, let it be health, intelligence, strength, resilience, adaptability, perseverance, and independence.

side note
This dynamic to prefer eating big / beautiful / sweat foods, that do not pack the nutrients, is present in many things around us; as in presentation without content, or shine above usefulness, or beauty without knowledge. To become what we value/eat/choose?