consume the whole spectrum


I believe that to maintain healthy function, it is advantageous to look up both sides of the spectrums in our life. To be exposed to light but also a fair bit to the darkness. To enjoy the heat be also exposed to the cold. To be with others and to be able to be alone.

The list goes on as there are many spectrums to be scaled. Scaling these, feels like breathing fully in and out. Might illness come from being stuck on one end of the spectrum?

Being able to scale the spectrum, having that capacity, does not only make you more capable to visit with more comfort these polarities. It also calibrates your reference point on what is hot and what is cold. It prevents us from needly leaning into one end of the spectrum.

An example of this would be sweet foods. Hence the tendency that commercial foods get sweeter. Once lingering for a fair amount of time on the sweet side of the spectrum, one grows accustomed to it. Thus to create a contrast from there on, something even more sweet needs to be consumed.

A way to look at this taste thing is that one is not tasting sweet, but tasting a contrast, between where one currently is (taste wise, in this example) and where one moves towards too. It can be seen as a movement, where the amount of movement dictates the intensity of the experience. When one would drink a can of coke, the next sweet thing consumed would not taste so sweet. One's taste moved already to the fairly sweet end of the spectrum by drinking the very sweat beverage. Thus the movement, by tasting the next sweet thing, is rather limited and the experience of sweetness is far less.

When one would want to experience maximum sweetness, one could first look up the other side of the spectrum, where we find bitter tastes. Indulging in bitter, let's say, eating an acorn from an oak tree, would move one's reference point more towards the bitter end. Thus even when consuming something generally considered as neutral, such as water, it will taste sweet. Is water sweet then? The water itself is not sweet nor bitter. It depends on where you came from, where your point on the spectrum laid, before you moved into something else.

One could agree that a thing in and of itself is sweet or bitter as our experiences are fairly similar. But the intensity of how it is experienced has more to do with the movement one undertakes whilst arriving at this particular sweet or bitter point.

So when one wants more sweetness, one can consume the next ever more sweet thing. Or, one can distance itself from the sweet, fast from the sweet, or even introduce it's pole. To dive into bitterness for it renders all things more sweet.