daily darkness


Now, that I live and work in the city I often go for an evening walk. Even though the winter evenings are dark already, I dwell in the darker areas where no lights shine. After a day of lights and shining screens, it brings me some relief to spend time in the dark. It brings rest, not only to the eyes.

There is a movement arising where people embrace again natural discomforts. The cold is definitely one of them, many go ice/cold bathing/swimming/showering again and experience the benefits that welcoming the cold brings.

Apart from the cold I believe that darkness also has the potential to promote health and bring balance. When the sun has long gone under, modern life is still abundant with light. It makes our exposure to darkness scarce.

My wish is to introduce darkness again into my life. It is still a exploration on how to integrate this. Besides walking in the dark, I leave the lights off when I'm taking the stairs. Or at times I spend the last hour before bed time in the dark.

Darkness brings a kind of silence and calm which I enjoy and find valuable. Especially after a busy day. The eyes are exercised in a different way when used in a darker context. The must now try to see contrast and form in low level conditions. Also moving around in the darkness takes a bit more effort, more awareness, more focus. It comes with an increased need and exercise of other senses and awareness.

The dark brings the cultivation of that which otherwise could not be cultivated. To introduce the darkness as it brings what light can not.