using information

This article is work in progress

Nowadays information comes to us in big quantities and through various channels. There is a need to know what information one can trust / is true. The most obvious reaction to need is to find a way to validate information. This way we can separate the information that is false from the true information.

Technology is becoming ever more capable

Digital technology continues to grow rapidly and enables possibilities that never before where possible. These capabilities are literally expanding every day. So much so that it is hard for the majority of people to keep track of this progress. More so to not have a clue what all implementations and implications this new technology bring. It often goes beyond the imagination of the average man (not condescending here, I include myself in this group aswel). The digital becomes so powerful, so capable, that it becomes impossible for you to determine the authenticity of any digital interaction or representation. You might think you are video calling with your friend, but it could be generated in realtime by artificial intelligence. You might see a video of a world leader, read something,... Digital has more and more power and capabilities to let you believe, to understand you and to direct you.

information as truth

With great power comes the need for great guidance; determining what information is true or false seems evident.

Though I'm feeling that we got to a point where we can see that determining what is true or false becomes heavy, a huge task. Maybe there is another way to look at this. Maybe for some of the information it does not matter if it's true or false.

So why doesn't it matter then? Isn't it important to live in a world where one can depend and trust on information?

Well yes, and I still think it is valuable to be able to trust the stories/information that come to me.

Where I try to get at is why is there a need to know if something is true or not. What does it bring you? If all stories told are true, what then? Many of us consume information but what do we do with it? The majority of the information does not seem to move us to where we really want to go.

information as inspiration

The way I see it, I want to build a world where I want to live in. This world is being build step by step, by taking actions. My actions sprout from inspiration through that which comes my way. It could come through a thought, an article, a talk, or any other form whether it's digital or not.

The question that seems more important is; Does the story/information serve? Does this information fuel/spark my movement towards where I want to go? Does this information contributes to the direction I want to go? Looking at it this way makes the question whether the story/information is fantasy, false, or an actual fact, irrelevant. If it fuels the direction we want to go is what matters.

This game determining or craving to know whether something is true or false is demanding lots of energy. It is a hard battle to counter the power of Digital. Also, what purpose does it have to take in so much true or false information? Does it have purpose, does it make you take action, does it make you add something to the world? Is it relevant to you or is this consuming of info not really leading to anywhere? What does it bring to consume big quantities of information? Does it only lead towards a distorted collective view on how the world now is?

To be inspired by the stories instead. To let that be the guide to discern information. To choose the stories that you want to embrace. To let them fuel the movement into where you want to go. Embrace them, even if they seem false, or a fantasy.