Animal purpose


I love for animals, such as our dog Spot, to be more integrated into my daily life. A life where dogs (or any other animal) have more freedom and fulfill more roles as they do now, is something I dream off.

In the past many dogs where bred because they needed to fulfil a certain task. Nowadays most of them do not have a real job anymore. Dogs are capable to do much more than being couch potatoes, gate barkers or human walkers.

When I see how much joy and self worth Spot get's from completing a new task, I can only fantasise how he would enjoy taking a more active part in community life. Really fulfilling a task, taking on a role. Like the photo shows, Spot delivers messages and goods here at the community we live. He finds joy being to be able to contribute. While doing so he get's acknowledged for his capacities by us humans. His connection with others grows each time he delivers a hammer, a note or maybe some flowers, in his mouth.

The idea that is lingering in my mind is to give function, a job, purpose, back to dogs. I am thinking of tasks that are not typically associated with dogs, such as defending property or herding sheep. I am sure there are niches with plenty of tasks that are suitable for dogs. Tasks that we normally would not hand over to dogs but that they can do with the right guidance. I am sure they could do so well that it could add to the design and dynamics of my home/community.