It is possible in the world today with all our rules and restrictions to create an environment where the inhabitants can live their lives freely and that their way of living is protected, not interfered with. An animal reserve, maybe there lays opportunity.

I have pondered if it would be possible to create a habitat within the current society, with it’s rules and laws, for a group of people to move in a more natural way. To create a shell that is legal and abides by the rules and that does not conflict with the modern world around it. But within the shell the opportunity lays to create and build something totally a new. More free from outside judgment and concepts.

How I would dream of living in a similar way like our ancestors did. To call all the nature around you yours, just as everyone else and connect with it. To see things clearly again, to live more light and simple. To be able to wander endlessly with no sight of anything modern made. To let nature explode and to welcome everyone back, from the wolves to the ants.