settling nomad


I would love to have a travelling or nomadic element in my life. Not in the form of a holiday, an annual vacation, a compensation for my regular life, or something pure recreational. But more so as an integrated functional aspect of my life.

I picture it as me living in a community where I have a tiny personal space for myself. Big enough for my comfort and needs. A space where the few belongings I have can be stored and where I always can come back to. These are settler qualities of my life.

The nomadic qualities can really kick in as soon there are more and more places, communities, whom I can venture to, where my presence is appreciated, where I am welcome, where I can be of service. Places that are open, that share similar values. Places apart from my "home", where I also belong.

These places, these communities, have a transient and open character. They can be open and welcome new people, because each visitor behaves in a way that sustains or enriches the place. They are all beneficial to the growth, diversity and identity of the place.

This nomadic inspired way, this movement between places, is promoted when you are able to be of service even-though the place does not belong to you.

With this nomadic quality, I see myself in a world where I have different homes. I could venture to another community. One with it's own theme and unique vibe.