the big dream


How I would like to see hubs of tiny communities arise upon the barren agro cultural fields. How borders would be nonexistent, how it becomes just one whole. How borders become vague and give rise to beautiful new dynamics. How the world becomes big again and adventure and travel gets meaning again. How we would transform the very ground we live on into something more, into something more rich, more diverse, more stable, just more in many ways. How this "more" would soak into our whole life, into our being. How it would affect the way of life. How people can breath out again. To take a rest from the stresses of life that climaxed into this new way. How out of this relaxation we can reinvent our lives, or rather how we live. How we can be more free. Free to be, free to do. How we turn it around and how life starts to nurture us once again. Instead of feeling hunted by life. How it would be the ideal environment to grow personally even more. How to be fulfilled. How the We arises beyond the grouping of family or friends. How trust comes back. How one can not imagine, where we can go, how we can be, how we can feel, if we dare to reinvent ourselves and our environment. It is big, bigger then us, and it starts so simple.

People are ready. Ready to question, to own their shit, to penetrate themselves, to be independent. It's crucial, Especially for the seed of this new pattern. Because the work, the effort is done inside of us, not around us.

How would it be grant again, to once again play & adventure like I did when I was a kid. When I rode my bike and explored the unknown. Let's mold, let's shape this into something new. This canvas is meant to be paint over it. Over again and again, until satisfied, until serving, and when it is no more, paint again. I'm dying, I need change, I'm dying, I choose change, I'm dying, Ill be change.